On January 12, 2015 the teachers at Montclair began working-to-rule in an effort to encourage the district to settle a fair contract.

As you may know, the teacher’s union (the Oakland Education Association, or OEA) has been bargaining for a fair contact with the district.  During these last few months, the district continually have not been bargaining in good faith. The district  took money off the table twice, they went backwards by demanding changes in transfer rights after saying they wouldn’t request any new contract language, they have barely budged on class size , and they still have made NO proposal on hard caps for special ed. Their most current salary increase proposal language states that it is contingent on the whether there is enough funding left over, and dependent upon teachers accepting the changes to their transfer rights.

Is this the type of district you want your child to be in?  Your tax dollars are not being used in the most effective way possible. Demand the best from your school district!  OUSD continues to lose teachers to other higher paying Districts.  Your child, your family, and Oakland deserve better.

Therefore, to build pressure and gain support from the community, Montclair has decided to work to rule.  We will work according to our contract.  We will arrive at work at 8:00am and leave at 3:00pm.  We will not do any volunteer or unpaid work.

We want to show the district and our community that teachers work above and beyond what we are expected to do.  This is seen as the norm, yet our pay and work conditions are substandard to any other district in California and many parts of the country.

Please support our teachers!

Sign the petition


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  1. Maria Laws says:

    Our teachers deserve much better treatment and compensation than what they are currently receiving.


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